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How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally and Fight Infection

Covid is here to stay or at least that's what it looks like. Here are a few tips on how to build a long lasting Immune system so that you can defend yourself against any virus. 

1. Eliminate Junk Food from your diet - Sorry guys, it's really sad but junk food offer no nutritional value or immune support. Ditch it, your body will thank you.

2. Pure Vitamin C tablets - Taking one every morning right after breakfast will, combined with a healthy diet, improve your immune system immensely.

3. Honey and Organic Cinnamon - Take a teaspoon of Honey and Organic Cinnamon in the morning. Separately, they are great natural immune boosters with their own antibiotic properties but together, they offer double the protection. 

4. Organic Turmeric - Eaten raw over cooked food, it is a natural immune booster and antibiotic which helps reduce inflammation in the body. It can also help combat Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

5. Garlic - Add half or a full teaspoon of raw garlic to your cooked or heated plate of food.  Do not cook the garlic, it will lose it's natural properties. Garlic contain a heavy concentration of sulfur containing compounds which makes it a powerful natural immune booster.  

6. Fresh Rosemary - Fresh Rosemary provide your body with Antioxidants and has Anti-Inflammatory properties. Eat fresh Rosemary over your food and salad to get the most out of it. Rosemary also counteracts the smell of garlic on your breath if you combine the two.

7. Organic,Raw Ginger - Helps decrease inflammation in the throat and body

8. Chicken - Boiled chicken in a soup, broth or stew (never fried or grilled) is high in Vitamin B-6 which will also assist in boosting your immune system.

9. Raw Almonds - Are High in Vitamin E which is soluble in body fat and can therefore help improve the immune system. The Vitamin E in Almonds also help heal skin from the inside.

10. Plain or Greek Yogurt - Yogurt contain Good Bacteria which means it will fight the Bad Bacteria in your gut. 

11. Olive oil - Olive Oil, Especially Extra Virgin has Anti-Inflammatory Properties and is a great source of Antioxidants. Add a tablespoon of uncooked Olive Oil to your food every day.

12. Peppermint - Drinking fresh or dried leaves as a tea could help fight bacteria and infections with it's Antioxidant properties. It helps relieve stomach aches, indigestion and headaches. Spraying your throat with a Peppermint essential oil solution will disinfect and help fight infections. Inhaling Peppermint will also help open sinuses and loosen phlegm.  You can order Peppermint Spray here

13. Fresh fruit and vegetables 

I can imagine all the eye rolls but everything you were told about eating fresh fruit and veg is true. Most fruit and vegetables consumed in their raw state will supply your body with immune boosters and antioxidants which will help fight viruses and infections.  See below a list of the most powerful immune boosters nature has to offer:

Citrus Fruit -  Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Tangerine, Clementines 

Citrus Fruit contain high levels of Vitamin C which helps build your immune system and also increases the production of white blood cells which will in turn help fight infections.

Bananas - Eating one banana a day will provide your body with 10% of your daily Vitamin C needs. It's also a great source of Potassium which helps your heart stay healthy and helps control high blood pressure. Eat three Bananas a day to get a triple dose of goodness.

Granny Smith Apples - Also contain high levels of Vitamin C, helps keep your body hydrated from the inside and is a great source of fiber

Papayas - One Papaya contain a very high concentration of Vitamin C as well as Papain which is a digestive enzyme that has anti-inflamatory properties.

Kiwi Fruit - This fruit is packed full of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Folate and Potassium which makes it a mean addition to your immune boosting regime. 

Red Bell Peppers - These babies contain double the amount of Vitamin C as Citrus Fruit if consumed raw in a salad.

Broccoli - Eaten raw, they are packed with Vitamins A, C, E and Antioxidants

Spinach - Eaten raw, Spinach is rich in Vitamin C, Antioxidants and Beta Cerotene all of which help your body fight infection.

Raw Carrots - Are a good source of Antioxidants to fight infections, Beta Carotene which improves shin health, Vitamin K1 which is good for bone health and Potassium which keeps your heart healthy.

Baked Sweet Potato - Baked Sweet Potato is rich in Antioxidants and contain high concentrations of Vitamin A which improves vision, Vitamin C which boosts the immune system and Manganese which promotes bone health and assists in the processing of cholesterol, carbs and protein in the body. Sweet Potato is also high in Vitamin B6 and Potassium.  

Include at least 5 or most of the above foods in your diet and don't combine them with junk food.  Make food at home, it is healthier for you. 

If you are fighting a cold, flu or Covid, please spit out your phlegm - swallowing your own sickness does not help your body.  Please also make sure you spit into a sink or toilet and wash it away so that someone else does not catch your infection. Wash your hands all the time and moisturise afterwards. 

Oh! And most importantly... Drink plenty of water! 

I hope someone out there takes this article to heart and benefits from it.

Be Healthy

Christina's Health and Beauty 

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