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Peppermint, My Hero Herb

I Love Peppermint! ❤️Would you like to know why? Read further and you'll see😏

Those of you who know me, will know that there's always some dried peppermint leaves in my bag for a quick herbal tea if anyone has a cold. Most people who drink the tea, only humor me but they don't realise that it actually is the reason why they feel better later in the day.

Apart from the fact that Peppermint is excellent for relieving cold and flu because of it's antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, it also has other healing qualities.

I have personally experienced these healing qualities and will gladly share with you why Peppermint is my Hero Herb. 

1. Stops Bleeding - I always cut myself, knives like me🤣 So, I found out by accident many years ago that spraying peppermint on a cut, stops bleeding. At the time I did not have disinfecting alcohol handy and sprayed some of my Peppermint Spray on the cut thinking it will at least disinfect and it stopped the bleeding! Such a pleasant surprise 😲 This is thanks to Peppermint's Strong Menthol, Analgesic (pain relieving) and Antimicrobial (germ fighting) properties. 

2. Relieves Nausea - Yes, that's correct. Also a function I discovered by accident. Not going into the gory details but take my word for it, one spray of Peppermint in your mouth and a few deep breathes work like a bomb to get rid of that nauseating feeling. 

3. Relieves stomach cramps, menstrual pains and reduces diarrhea - I have very recently discovered this amazing quality and boy! Am I glad I did! This is best obtained by drinking a pure Peppermint tea, inhaling the spray and rubbing Peppermint Essential Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the tummy. The Antispasmodic properties in Peppermint is responsible for this Amazing healing benefit. 

4. Pulls out Pleghm - a bit of a yukky subject but if you have congestion and/or a stuffy chest, spray Peppermint in your mouth, inhale deeply a few times and feel how the stuff comes up. Blow your nose after inhaling to help loosen anthything blocking your nasal passages. I also recommend rubbing your chest and back with Peppermint Essential Oil mixed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Please spit out what comes up so that you don't ingest your own sickness and repeat the whole sick cycle all over again. Repeat the process a few times if necessary. 

5. Muscle Relaxant - The Antispasmodic properties in Peppermint also reduces muscle pain! I'm a very active person and am constantly doing work or activities requiring muscles, so I sometimes overdo it. Rubbing Peppermint Essential Oil mixed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Christina's Health and Beauty Natural Muscle Rub on sore muscles always drastically reduces my muscle pains.

6. Relieves Headaches - Whenever I have a headache, rubbing some Peppermint on my forehead and also inhaling it, relieves the pain almost immediately. 

7. Improves blood circulation - I suffer from winter fingers...if you've ever had those, you will know how it hurts. Rubbing Peppermint Olive Oil on my hands, warms them up inside and helps improve the blood circulation and reduces swelling and redness. 

Now you know why Peppermint is my Hero Herb! Try it for Yourself and You'll see😉

Stay Healthy! 

Christina’s Health and Beauty 





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