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Clay Mask & Spot Treatment
Clay Mask & Spot Treatment
Mineral Face Mask & Spot Treatment Christina's Health and Beauty

Clay Mask & Spot Treatment


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Christina's Health and Beauty Clay Mask & Spot Treatment is a vital product in our Sort That Sh..t Out! Skincare System.

Use once or twice a week as a mask and every 2nd or 3rd day as spot treatment on pimples and acne. A thin layer works just as well as a thick one! No need to paste it on😉 After rinsing off the mask, follow with Sea Sand Scrub also only once or twice a week. 

Packed with powerful ingredients like Clay, Aloe, Argan, Honey & Vitamin E, this exceptional skincare product will help you get your skin confidence back. 

The Clay in this mask detoxes your skin by drawing out impurities and toxins from deep within your pores. 

Nourish your skin with soothing Aloe, known for its calming and hydrating properties. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to a supple, radiant complexion. Aloe reduces redness, inflammation, and irritation, giving you the confidence of a revitalized, even-toned face.

Honey adds nature's sweetness to your skincare routine. This natural humectant locks in moisture, providing a healthy, dewy glow. Its antimicrobial properties combat blemishes, while its antioxidants fight free radicals, keeping your skin youthful and fresh. 

Enhanced with Vitamin E and Argan Oil, our Clay Mask & Spot Treatment elevates your skincare routine. These powerful antioxidants shield your skin from environmental damage, fades scars and dark spots, and promotes an even complexion. 

Friendly reminder: Avoid metal contact! Our carefully formulated product is sensitive to metal, so use a non-metallic utensil to scoop out the perfect amount. Or use clean, dry fingers to preserve the optimal condition of your Clay Mask & Spot Treatment for maximum skin benefits.

Argan Oil
Bentonite Clay
Coconut Liquid Oil
Geogard 221 (Soil Certified Organic Product Preservative) 0,2%
Raw Honey
Vitamin E

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing Product

I was gifted this product and after using it the first time - I fell instantly in love with it! I had a pimple on my face and left this mask on the area over night - the next morning it was gone! The texture is great, it smells amazing. It's become one of my products I use weekly on my face!


Best mask I ever used, leaves skin soft and refreshed. Healing and moisturizing.

All natural healing ointment

Face feels great after using!

Pimple and blackhead annihilator

I put this on my spots before going to bed and I wake up to find my pimples are ready to pop and black heads aren't blackheads any longer! It also leaves my face extremely soft after using it as a face mask.


This product is super healing - As a mask and spot treatment, it pulls out impurities, unclogs pores and dries up pimples. As an ointment, I use it on sores. It forms a scab and starts healing the sore immediately. Product Reviews