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Flu & Muscle Rub
Natural Muscle Rub Christina's Health and Beauty

Flu & Muscle Rub

Christina's Health and Beauty

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Christina's Health and Beauty brings you a Flu & Muscle Rub, designed specifically to combat flu pains and muscle discomfort. This potent formula can be applied up to thrice daily, bringing relief right when you need it.

You'll start to notice a decrease in flu & muscle pain after the initial application. For maximum results, use  just before bedtime. It also proves beneficial for alleviating joint aches and soothing sore glands.

Our rub is enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Arrow Root, and a blend of Peppermint and Rosemary Essential Oils. Vitamin E and natural preservatives are added for longevity, all held together with plant-based waxes.

Experience nature's touch with our Natural Muscle Rub.

Arrow Root
Coconut Liquid Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Olive Wax
Raw Honey
Rosemary Essential Oil
Peppermint Essential Oil

Customer Reviews

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The most versatile rub!

This rub is so versatile! I use it for sore muscles, flu pains and a sore throat. I just rub a little bit on my neck at night in bed and next morning, my sore throat is gone! Product Reviews