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Our Affiliate Program

Why you should join our Affiliate Program

You will be supporting a local Brand that is making a difference.
You will be confident in the knowledge that our products are natural and can only heal and improve skin and health, not harm. 
By supporting us, you will be doing your little bit to reduce yours and other's Carbon Footprints. 
You will help yourself and others become more aware of their skin and overall health. Therefore, you will also be making a difference. 
Bragging rights
Make Money

Our affiliate program works like this

Place an order with us for the product/s you would like to sell, in other words, become a customer.  Why? Because you need to use our products yourself before you can sell them. Makes so much sense right? We believe in utmost honesty. You can order any products from our All You Need Collection here. 

Once your order is placed and paid for, we will send you the affiliate link so that you can register. You will then receive a unique link which you can share on social media, TikTok, WhatsApp or your website.  You can create posts, videos, whichever way you want to get the message across. Always keep our brand integrity in mind and please tag us wherever possible.  Once you are registered and have received the link, the Affiliate portal is yours to go back to whenever you want to check your commission status.  For every click on your link that turns into an actual, finalized sale, you will receive commission. The initial commission is 6% which can increase as your sales improve.

If you need more information, please email us at or WhatsApp on 0823705608.